Salvation Army Northern Division Christmas Kettle Coordinator in Fargo, North Dakota

Responsible for assisting the Corps with and managing the Christmas Kettle fundraising campaign. This is a seasonal position, ending on or about December 30th, with a workweek expectation of up to 40 hours per week, including some evenings and Saturdays, and this position is without benefits. Respond to all inquiries concerning bell ringing, answering questions and encouraging and assisting potential bellringers.Recruit bellringers (volunteer and paid if needed).Download the bellringer forms from the Lotus Notes Northern Division Forms Database.Prepare bellringer new hire packets.Obtain a list of payroll employee file numbers to be used for the paid bellringers.Establish and maintain the kettle site work schedules. Resolve scheduling conflicts and arrange for back ups.Print kettle schedules for current day for kettle drivers.Ensure bellringers complete the bellringer application for 'bellringers only' - please note that this application cannot be used for an Assistant Kettle Coordinator or for Kettle Drivers.Conduct bellringer orientation training. Inform potential paid bellringers, that by completing the new hire paperwork, they are making a good faith commitment to work as needed. Also advise them that if they are currently receiving any kind of government agency assistance, that assistance may be delayed or stopped once their paperwork has been processed. Ensure all bellringers new hire paperwork is completed before they are allowed to work. The following new hire forms are required for all bellringers - there are no exceptions: Bellringer Inprocessing ChecklistW-4 FormI-9 FormChild Support Withholding FormEmergency Contact Information FormUnavailable Unemployment Insurance Benefit Acknowledgment FormThey must provide an original ID or IDs as specified on the reverse side of the I-9 Form to be copied for their employment record. If you have questions concerning the acceptability of an ID, please contact DHQ/HR for assistance.Double check all forms to ensure that they are complete, accurate and legible to eliminate errors and unnecessary payroll processing delays, as all incomplete, inaccurate or unreadable forms will be returned.Complete the Bellringer Payroll Action Form (obtained from the Lotus Notes Northern Division Forms Database) for each bellringer and ensure the correctly assigned employee file number is used.Maintain a log/list of all employee file numbers and the full name of bellringer assigned to each file number.Bellringers are required to have all of the new hire paperwork, to include having all the proper unexpired IDs for the I-9 form, completed, before they can begin working. Special note: No IDs - no work. No completed paperwork - no work. If hiring Kettle Drivers and/or an Assistant Kettle Coordinator the following applies: In addition to the forms listed above for bellringers, they will need to complete the regular Northern Division Employment Application (which replaces the bellringer application - allowing TSA to process the required background checks) and the Employee New Hire form (obtained from the Lotus Notes Northern Division Forms Database and signed by the Corps Officer) to obtain DFB approval. Special note: Before the drivers, kettle coordinators or assistant kettle coordinators can begin working, DFB must grant approval, THQ must give the "Clear to Hire" and all the new hire paperwork must be completed. No IDs - no work. No approvals - no work.Ensure all the employee new hire paperwork is either delivered, faxed, emailed scan or mailed to DHQ/HR no later than the first day they begin working to ensure we have sufficient time to process them for payroll. If you fax or scan your documents, please ensure that all originals are either mailed or delivered to DHQ/HR as soon as possible following the hire.Ensure a detailed time card is completed for all bellringers and the times recorded are accurate.Ensure the time cards are kept secured and safe from taperi