Opp Construction Company Concrete Finisher in Fargo, North Dakota

Level, smooth and shape surfaces of freshly poured concrete walls, patios, sidewalks, driveways, highways, streets, floors, etc. Directly supervise and coordinate activities of road construction trade workers when necessary.Know and comply with the company's safety rules, policies and OSHA regulations including injury/incident/near miss reporting procedures.Bring problems to attention of Foreman, Supervisor, Superintendent, Safety Director, or Human Resource Manager.Set forms to engineer's specifications or Opp Construction Quality standards.Brace forms to contain concrete to ensure that the forms do not move out of line due to concrete pressure, action of vibrator, or weight and movement of screed or paving machine.Ensure that flow lines along forms and across sets of forms are set to specifications before concrete is ordered.Ensure spillage along edges of pour is scraped loose and cleaned up the day of the pour after brooming operation.While finishing use a level and straight edge to check slab at intervals to ensure the proper drainage of slabs and to maintain quality of the project.Ensure there is enough poly at job site to cover surface of pour and adjacent uphill slabs.Relate to the public and to customers, engineers, architects and other visitors in a professional, courteous and respectful manner, appropriately responding to their complaints, requests or comments.Provide your own finishing hand tools.All other duties as assigned by supervisor